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Summer 2017


It is definitely summer.   We hit 108 yesterday, and it’s been in the triple digits for three weeks. We have seen more 100+ days this year than all of last year – an we are not even half way through summer!

Some have asked, what impact will this have on the grapes and eventually the wine?   My best answer is that I will tell you after the harvest.   We are approaching the time when grapes start developing their sugars, and if this pattern continues, I just might end up with the best crop of grapes I could hope for, as my wine making style calls for this .                                                                            


Some have also asked about the impact of this year’s rainfall.   To start, it was a welcome change from the drought we have experienced the last six years, when we averaged only about 6” of rain each year.  Our area on the east side of Paso only averages 11” of rain each year, as compared to the hills on the west side,  where the average is more like 25-30” a year.    The ‘official’ number recorded for our area this year was 16” of rain, almost triple what we have seen the last few years.   But by comparison, some areas on  the west side received over 66” of rain this year!   Even so, the impact has been dramatic.   The rains helped leach out the build up of salts, calcium and boron.   The result is that the vines look beautiful and prolific.   Fruit production looks just as good, although that just means more work for us, in that we only want about 2.5 tons of fruit per acre.   Some of our vines are carrying 5+ tons, so on these vines, we will be dropping about 50% of the grapes in the next few weeks