about gelfand vineyards

                            Winter 2017


Finally!   After 6 years of draught conditions, I am actually sitting here watching it rain.   We are just two weeks into the new year, and we have already exceeded our yearly rainfall average.   (and our rainy season has just begun).   The build up in the soil of harmful salts and elements such as Boron are being washed away and I look forward to a great growing season in a few months.


A great deal has happened since our last newsletter six months ago.   Last summer was consistently warm with temperatures hovering around the 100 mark most every day.   As such,   everyone thought it was going to be an early harvest.   But it never occurred.   The grapes continued to hang and build up sugars, and the harvest was almost perfect for us, with our four varietals coming in 2 weeks apart from one another, giving us time – and room to finish crushing, fermenting and barreling one before the next one was picked.    And we had loads of help from our wine club members who love to join in and give a helping hand with both the harvest and the crush.




Our yields were just as we hoped for, just under 3 tons per acre, and that was after dropping a lot of fruit.    The grapes produced incredible dark colored  juice and our initial tastings gave us an indication that this will be another great vintage.


In September,   our annual wine club party was attended by 270 members who came from as far as New York, Florida and

Hawaii, just to participate in the blending of    two of our wines.   Mother nature cooperated giving us an almost perfect day, with temperatures in the high 80s ( as compared to the 110-115 we had the first few years.)   For those who haven’t had a chance to attend one, perhaps this year, when the event will be held on Saturday, September 16th.  


The morning after the club party turned out to be a very special day for us, something that makes what we do so worthwhile.   Jonathan, Leslie, granddaughters Sophie and Lily, and nephew Josh,  picked and crushed the very first harvest of our Malbec grapes which were planted on the hillside by the winery just two years ago.