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2018 SFR

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$50.00 per Bottle


Maybe our most popular wine, the SFR is one of our two Wine Club blends created at our annual Wine Club Blendfest each September. This year's blend consists of 65% Petite Sirah, 15% each of Syrah and Cabernet and a touch of Zinfandel at 5%. The robust fruit forward nose is followed closely behind by a wonderful mouthfeel and smooth, refined tannins. You'll get the earthiness of the Syrah as well as the big bold Cabernet flavors we all love. This is our "anytime, anywhere with anyone on any occassion wine." Just don't drink too much otherwise you'll get "SFR'd"...If you know, you know.

Vintage 2018
Varietal Red Blend
Size 750 ml