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Gelfand 2.0!

Over the last few months, I've had the privilege of meeting and spending time with many of the Gelfand Wine Club members! As wine club member ourselves (note to self, time to stop charging my credit card for Gelfand wine now!) Cathy, our 3-year-old daughter Kaia, and our two pups Arthur and CiCi feel very fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of the Gelfand Vineyards family and lead the winery and vineyard into the future.

I hope those that have visited the vineyard for tastings have left with a great private tasting experience with me and see my passion for wine and Gelfand wine specifically and those that came and picked up wine also saw that we're excited to help carry on the tradition of Gelfand Vineyards! We continue to make the wine under Len's guidance just like we've done the last few years in assisting with Gelfand wine and in making our Dudley Vineyard wine where we've been doing so on property. We love the tasty juice that's come from his magic touch and truly appreciate getting the insider's knowledge on the process in making the wine today!

2020 has been one helluva year. As a world, we've experienced the most upending environment any of us have seen. And yet in all this chaos, it's been a positive life-changing experience for all of us personally at Gelfand Vineyards. Len and Jan are renovating their home away from home in Palm Desert, Cathy and I are in the midst of planning and executing new experiences and wines for the Gelfand Wine Club. In the meantime, Mother Nature decided to throw a curveball and say that most all of our estate-grown grapes were ready for harvest as were the few wineries whose wines we make their wines for as well. Normally we have two varietals (15 bins) fermenting at once. This year we have over 5X the varietals and nearly 40 bins of soon-to-be wine fermenting at once. Every day we have to measure all of the bins at least once, and usually twice, to ensure each bin is moving along properly, and punch down each of those bins 3X per day.

We're excited to meet each and every one of our Wine Club members and, with the amount of on-site tasting requests, each and every one of our soon-to-be members too! With all the fermentation happening, please bear with us as we may be slow in emailing and returning phone calls...it's likely only because I fell into a bin of grapes fermenting :)

- Kory
Post By:   Kory