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Renovations abound!

Here we are finally opening back up in the best part of California Wine Country, Paso Robles! For those faint of heart, signing on to shepherd a winery into its next stage during a pandemic probably isn't the best time to do that...But for us; Kory, Catherine and little miss Kaia (#babywinemaker) it's what we thrive in doing...we tend to hrow ourselves into the uncomfortable to make the incredible. When we saw the direction of the winery whose wines we loved like thousands of others and where we honed our winemaking skills, Gelfand Vineyards, we knew we had to jump in to continue its legacy.  We were fortunate, as club members, to meet many others and learn why they also enjoyed the wines from the vineyard but also learn of all the areas where it was falling short.  

As we near the one-year anniversary of our family leading Gelfand Vineyards, we've been extremely hard at work with building upon the quality off the wine, reinvigorating the vineyard which needed some love, creating numerous new experiences and club-exclusive perks, continuing renovations at the barrel room 9for those who have visited the compliments could not be better!), the soon-to-be-conversion of the house on the property to member tastings, winemaker dinners and other experiences, we're excited to continue sharing our wines and create new engagement experiences.  

Now as a wine community, following the Today Show naming us as a must-visit location, it's getting even busier. We've always been "appointment-only" because our little magical vineyard sits on a private road and that was what was agreed to when the vineyard was established. As we continue with being a family-run winery and vineyard (we still only have 3 full-time employees with Catherine and Kory at the helm and Mauricio leading the charge on managing the vineyard...ok, 3.5 with 4-year-old Kaia (STOP growing babywinemaker!) we are working to bring on 1-2 people who can become a part of our team if only part-time.  Why? We heard from hundreds of members that while they loved our wine, they just weren't able to come visit again because of the reduced access prior to our involvement. And while we know the qualiity of our wine is unparalled, we also believe that our club members should always be able to join us throughout the year. We are very experience driven and feed off the feedback from our members who believe in Gelfand Vineyards.  Gelfand Vineyards grew organically before and we're excited to create the experiences and availability that our members have asked for.

Thank you for continuing your experience with Gelfand Vineyards with our family; Kory, Catherine and Kaia (and our pups Arthur and Cici!). As we gain access to the entire property, we know you'll see the amazing experiences that you won't find anywhere else.

Thank you for joining us in this journey and for DRINKING THE DREAM! -

Kory, Catherine and Kaia (and Arthur and Cici!)

Post By:   Kory Burke

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