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On-Site Tastings

The Experience

Gelfand Vineyards is pleased to offer several tasting experiences throughout the estate and vineyard. We aim to create highly personalized interactions just as good as the wine :)

As all tastings are appointment only. Please email Reservations@GVDVWines.com to schedule an appointment. Tastings are $20 per person with each fee waived with a one bottle purchase per guest. 

Taste Under the Oaks

Sit underneath two of our legacy oaks on the vineyard next to the barrel room with the views of vineyard while you taste through select Gelfand Vineyards and Dudley Vineyard wines.

Coming in 2021!
Barrel Room Tasting

Coming Soon! Sip and Drink the Dream with some of this year's wines amongst next year's vintage all sitting in barrel. We'll taste four of our favorites based on your taste preferences for red wines and choose a couple barrels to pull tastings from as well. Cost - $30 per person.

Coming Soon!
Central Coast View

This intimate solo-group experience offers miles of views up and down the majestic Central Coast while only you and your guests taste our wines enjoying the peaceful and serene Zinfandel block behind you.  We are working to offer this experience in mid-late 2021!

Estate View Tasting

Take in our vino while overlooking the vineyard and the rolling hills surrounding Gelfand Vineyards in every directions while we taste through some of our favorite wines.  We are working to offer this experience in late 2021! 

The Garden


The lush garden of the Gelfand Estate Villa is periodically open to wine club members only. In late 2021, we are planning to offer the Estate Villa for small events and weddings with Club Members having priority.

The Olio at Dudley Vineyard Tasting

For our guests staying at The Olio vacation rental or when when the property is open and you want a very intimate experience, we offer an on-site tasting experience at the 10-ft. expansive table. Sip on our wines while playing a game of bocce ball or corn hole behind the tasting area. Free for wine club members and guests staying at The Olio. Availability based on tasting schedule on-site at Gelfand Vineyards. Email for availability.